Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rol's Road Blog 1


It seems auspicious that I am commencing this blog on a March night in New York when the temperature is so high (70s Fahrenheit; 20-ish Centigrade) that I have been walking around town this evening in a T-shirt. I've also been wearing trousers, underwear, socks and my Cole Haans, of course, so I won't get arrested and/or stoned by passersby. But it's absurdly warm here, and everyone downtown (excepting me, likely) looks absolutely beautiful.

I'd intended to start this slog months ago. Like many things in my life, including me, it will be backdated. Sorry. Gomennasai.

I am now smack in the middle of what turned out to be a 9-city book tour in support of Japanamerica.

There are helicopters sweeping the city tonight, flashing broad spotlights onto the cavernous streets. I don't know if this is because another cleric has claimed responsibility for the carnage of 9.11, or because we are truly under siege. My windows are wide open. It's chaos out there.

A man with a long pony tail just advised me to "stay at home tonight." Apocalypse now, with kudos to Susan Napier.

My book is about the chaos and malleability of the world in which we live in the 21st Century. The first date on which I appeared to discuss it was late November, at the behest of the Nichibei Society in New York, whose members greeted both me and the indomitable Leo Lewis, Asia Correspondent for the Times of London, with great alacrity. Leo's work informs all of the economic analyses, business stats, et cetera, contained therein.

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