Saturday, June 28, 2008

Monster Manga Jammer

Caught this monster of a manga artist (pictured above, w/acoustic guitar) performing with his band last night in a lovely theater in northeast Tokyo--and was privileged to be invited backstage to meet him. We are working on a forthcoming interview/profile. Hopefully you'll hear more from him (and me).

Courtesy of pals at Warner Bros., tomorrow night I'll be in the media section for the Japan premiere of the Hollywood "Speed Racer" film.

While its reception has been less than rosy in the US, the film will screen in Tokyo on Sunday night on what's billed as the largest screen in the world in Tokyo Dome.

We shall see. Literally.

Finally, a few reflections on last weekend's Temple University conference and digital living in my latest column for the Daily Yomiuri here.

Also: Another Akiba stabbing? Otaku are flocking to Nakano.

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