Sunday, August 03, 2008

SubVersion Anime

These days, anime Festivals, Conventions and Expos conjure images of masses amassing en masse, seas of sequins and flesh ... and so on.

But SubVersion's virgin run this weekend in downtown Portland, Oregon offered something fresh: an intimate venue (the lovingly restored Bagdad Theater above), cozy confines, free food--and a focus on the films over the peripherals. Cosplay contests, forums, panels and presentations are all fine. But focusing on the anime medium felt like a welcome respite from the chaos of trade show extravaganzas.

An additional respite for me: low humidity and temperate air as soon as I hit the tarmac. I feel like a refugee fleeing the stultifying summers of Tokyo and New York, and finding amnesty at last in the Pacific Northwest.

Plus: did I mention the complimentary cuisine?

(Organizers Extraordinaire: Jonathan and Meg.)


Paulos said...

I liked the speech you gave us :)

Roland Kelts said...

Many thanks, Paulos. I really enjoyed the evening--and the rest of my time in Portland and Seattle, per usual. Hope I'll swing through town again soon.