Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Japanamerica backstage, NYC and SF

Years ago there was a runty little advert from Schlitz Beer (remember it?) about how it takes a lot of people to put The Who on tour. Oh, it's right here: Schlitz & The Who.

I remember thinking: ya, right! Because it was a piss-lame beer company sponsoring a rock band whose members (aside from the now-late bassist) had given up drinking entirely, or nearly so, and would never drink Schlitz.

But now we're all a lot older, and I do recognize that it takes a lot of good people to make book tour(s) work, and I've just finished a string of engagements that would not have happened without generous support from great folks--sans beer.

We started last week at Kinokuniya NYC for the launch of a gorgeous book, Art Space Tokyo, with an illustrious panel whose pic you can see above.

I remain honored to have been invited, and can only hope that my middling comments on Takashi Murakami added to the better parts of the evening.

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