Friday, June 26, 2009

japanamerica in kyoto


ArthurFrDent said...

jeez, reading all the places you are going, and the places you've been, you must have MAJOR jet lag... to Oz and then California, and then where? OI. Just heard the Miyasaki is making time to get down to Comic-con. If you find you will happen to be there too, I'll buy you a beer or something, because I can't make the Berkley thing.


Roland Kelts said...

It does get a bit dizzying at times, I'll admit, but ultimately I am honored to be invited to such events and locales, and encouraged by the audiences and their responses.

Alas, I can't be at Comic-con this year, but thanks for the kind offer. I'll be arriving in LA from Australia, trekking up to SFO for the Miyazaki events, then flying to NYC for another talk at Keio Academy.

Next time? Enjoy Miyazaki in SD.