Monday, August 03, 2009

Keio Academy talk, 7/30/09


Thanks to Rieko, Miyoshi-san and the other fine folks at Keio Academy New York for a very fulfilling, tour-ending talk last week before a keen 'japan-american' audience (literally half and half), whose questions were astute and plentiful. It was an honor to be invited back, and this year I was better prepared for the age group.

A few photos (courtesy of Miyoshi-san) of me and the kids below. I launched from Tokyo to Sydney three weeks ago, trekked through Brisbane, Melbourne, LA and San Francisco/Berkeley. Seven cities in 14 days.

Lovely to wrap this leg at 'home' in New York:

(Awaiting the intro & cue)

(JapanAmerican kids 1)

(Queries about the cover--Who? Why?)

(JapanAmerican kids 2)


ArthurFrDent said...

I bet you'll be glad to have a rest now, because that is a pretty harsh, if ultimately satisfying, trip. I missed Miysaki-san in the Barn at comic-con, but I can watch the presentation at ANN, which is much the same if you aren't in the first few rows anyway... Hope you enjoyed your trip. You'll have to regale us with tales later ;)

Roland Kelts said...

Thanks for your kind words. I'm still decompressing, though suddenly very busy with a spate of fresh writing deadlines. Tales forthcoming ...