Thursday, February 25, 2010

Toyota and trust: Was the Akio Toyoda apology lost in translation?

My Op-Ed in the Christian Science Monitor:


ArthurFrDent said...

as always, your insights help out a lot... are you able to present the American side of things in Japan? A lot of the congressmen are blowhards to start with, so it must sound very insulting to Japanese ears. Being a very forthright person myself, I kind of had the same reaction to what Toyoda said. When Americans dissemble like that, they are almost always hiding something, instead of owning it.

I have also wondered if the consensus building culture can become the enemy of safety. In corporate America sometimes happy faces get rolled up to the top brass, concealing troubles below. But, generally an individual has at least some sort of mandate to go over the head of their immediate boss if that happens. In the manufacturing sector the mandate is often explicit. I wonder if the safety and testing people had any reservations...

I guess we'll probably never know...

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