Monday, June 28, 2010

Japanamerica & "kawaii" @ Japan Day in Central Park, NYC

Brief clip of a video interview that was aired earlier this month on the big screens @ Japan Day in Central Park, NYC, the same day I was giving a talk in a Tokyo monolith, else I'd have been in the park in my house of flesh.

The pretty one in pink flouncing about Manhattan's late winter glums is Misako Aoki, one of Japan's three official kawaii taishi (ambassadors of cute), referenced in columns and ruminations below, and not always positively.

The full interview was shot blocks from my home in Soho at Hiroko's Place, a becalming little Japanese cafe--and a bit of a refuge in my life this past spring.

Appropriately, the topic at hand is the concept of 'kawaii.'

Tote bag courtesy of Horibuchi-san and VIZ; flesh courtesy of me.