Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Anime producers snub Ishihara and TAF 2011

via Kyodo:

91 anime producers bail on Ishihara's "Tokyo Anime Fair" in protest of Bill 156, an estimated lost of 110 trillion yen. Alternate event, "Anime Contents Expo," to be staged in Chiba on the same dates, hosted by Kadokawa, Animate, others.

'Go East, young people.' Chiba, here we come.


manyhats76 said...

It is a sad day to hear about this situation in Japan. I always had fun at TAF when I was living in Tokyo.

ArthurFrDent. said...

I am glad to see that the protest was organized, and I hope it works... Seems like Ishihara certainly has the hypocrisy of old men, who don't remember the fire of their youth. At least to me, far away and not knowing all the subtleties.

Roland Kelts said...

It is sad, I agree, but perhaps the results will yield change and independence--both of which the industry sorely needs if it ever hopes to implement growth.

And, yes, Ishihara fits the aging reactionary archetype perfectly. Sadly so.