Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Japanamerica in Baltimore/DC, March 24

Am back on the road again this spring. Oregon March 10-14; Baltimore/DC March 23-25; DC April 2. London April 11-18. NYC April 29-May 3. More details TBA.
Please join in.


arthurfrdent said...

buddy, you're always skippin' the entire middle of the US... :devil: looks like you are going to have a lovely spring. Out of curiosity, what do you do on those in-between-days. Sightsee, write, get stuck in airports?

Roland Kelts said...

You're right.

If you know someone, or some institution, that might be willing and able to invite me to appear in the 'entire middle of the US,' I'd be game. Most of my invitations come from the coasts, or other countries.

Sightsee, write, get stuck--fragments of all three.

arthurfrdent said...

With much regret, I can say that I don't have any connections really with communities that might have an interest in your work... and be able to fund anything. The only contact I might have would be Dilek Eccles of the Japan America Society of Colorado [] I only know of her due to my unsuccessful attempt at beginning Japanese, which JASC is a sponsor of the classes. Dunno that there is critical mass enough of people here to support any kind of trip... even though there seems to be a good deal of commerce BTW Colorado and Japan. There is also a Japanese Consul here.

It'd be interesting if there was a way to broadcast or make interactive your various talks, so that far flung interested groups could tune in, in some way.

Anyhow, Dilek would be at least "a" contact that would know what is happening locally...

heh, it's the same reason high speed rail wont work here... there just isn't enough people density. ;)