Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Junot Diaz tonight in Tokyo

If you're in Tokyo, check out Junot Diaz's (Oscar Wao, Drown) reading tonight. Info:

Event: Junot Diaz talk with Koji Toko and Ono Masatsugu
Date/Time: Aug. 4 (Thurs.), 2011 19:00~
Place: Second Floor Conference Hall, The Nippon Foundation (Minato-ku Akasaka 1-2-2, Tokyo)
Speakers: Junot Diaz, Masatsugu Ono (author), Koji Toko (translator)
Free-of-charge. Capacity = 100 people.
*Please sign up in advance!
To sign up, please contact:
Shinchosha Publishing Division

And here's Junot rhapsodizing about Tokyo.


ym said...

hi roland--thanks for the info. how could i have missed this? happily, i think i might actually be able to get to this reading after work. stay well. yuko

Roland Kelts said...

Great to know this blog is at least marginally useful, Yuko. I'll look forward to your account of the eve.