Friday, July 13, 2012

PUNCH, coming soon; my latest included

Punch Launches Third iPad Issue


[*PUNCH is free and now available at iTunes here]
In June, Punch, an iPad magazine — appazine, if we must — uploaded a video to its app and YouTube simultaneously.

Called “32 and Pregnant,” it was a parody of MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” and also Brooklynites’ parenting anxieties — the plight of too-small closets, insurance plans that won’t cover home births, the frightening prospect of not getting your kid into a solid pre-K program.

“I give up,” says an exasperated mother, tears streaming down her face. “Look at me,” her husband screams at her. “It’s TV, then satellite, then you can change the channel.” The video got picked up by a couple of blogs, and it became, surprisingly, Punch’s most popular video since its launch in April, with nearly 120,000 page views.

It was an unexpected hit because the video came during the iPad start-up’s mitochondrial stage. Jim Windolf, the Vanity Fair contributing editor and former New York Observer veteran, had just joined as editor in chief and was beginning to cobble together ideas ...

...Markoe will be doing a monthly video, and Nassor will be doing two a month. Besides Gurley, who has a piece coming in August, “Japanamerica” author Roland Kelts and humorist Mike Sacks are working on material. Drew Friedman, an illustrator whose work has appeared in the Observer and the New Yorker, is also working on a piece.

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