Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Book: Yurei Attack!: The Japanese Ghost Survival Guideby Matt Alt and Hiroko Yoda; illustrated by Shinkichi.

Break: Night @ Inokashira Park, Tokyo, Japan.
Matt and Hiroko give me tips on the last night of Japan's Festival of the Dead (O-bon) on surviving a Japanese ghost:

Whew. Straight faces please!

Book Break Take: Forty Japanese ghosts rendered in gory detail; their roles in Japanese history, culture, mythology--and who they haunt today; how to recognize them, why they're here, and what to do to survive an attack. The authors call it, "ghost porn."

"[Oiwa] is hands-down the most famous ghost chronicled in this book ... she has inspired legions of imitators -- most recently Sadako, from the hit J-Horror novel and film series Ring. Her ragged tresses  and ruined face are the first thing many Japanese think of when they hear the word 'yurei.'"

"Visit the Tamiya Shrine on the site of Oiwa's family home in Yotsuya. For a fee, a priest there will perform a custom-tailored Shinto exorcism to cut away any ties one might have to Oiwa's eternally furious spirit."

Yurei illustrator Shinkichi's Oiwa:

Alt & Yoda haunted by weeping willow:

Yurei Attack! w/ghost:

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