Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back in NYC

Back from a long weekend in the Catskills (means "cat's creek," in Dutch, and suggests the presence of Bobcats and other felines, but now signifies numerous mountainous resorts north of the city)--and back in action, speaking tomorrow at Keio Academy New York.

On Friday I fly to Portland to appear at the SubVersion Anime Festival, then head to Seattle for meetings and friends.

Lots of activity on new and ongoing projects, including Anime Masters & Masterpieces and some just cinched West Coast bookings. More on that later.

NY radio just declared: "Tomorrow will be hazy, hot and humid," but when it comes to all three, Tokyo trumps NYC on any given summer's day. And muttering atsui ("it's hot") under one's breath eighty times an hour, as Tokyoites do, doesn't help a whit.

Finally realized that trekking between Tokyo and New York is not exactly a recipe for rest. But as Milton writes in Comus: 'what hath night to do with sleep?'


Elyssa said...

Welcome back to NYC! Keep your blog readers posted on all of your speaking engagements and any other worthy events.

Roland Kelts said...

Many thanks, Elyssa. I leave for the Pacific Northwest tomorrow, back in town later next week. Several NYC events are forthcoming in September. Hope to see you soon.